What do we do?

Corazon is a platform committed to helping dancing communities develop and grow by proving solutions for the organisation and communication of dancing information”…and bla bla bla… what does this even mean?

It all sounds wonderful, but specifically, How do we help?

What do we exactly do?

  • We collect all information (school info, events, courses, etc) from different sources.
  • We separate, classify, prioritise, and sort all the gathered info
    • Class or Event
    • Workshop, Party, Concert, Festival, Bootcamp
    • Date and first published.
    • User preferences
  • We publish on our website, on our telegram channel, and on our app in order to help promote this event/class.
  • We share weekly recaps of whats going on in some cities.
  • We provide a profile page for every school with the most useful information.

We have designed and developed a very elegant and sophisticated solution for you to see all the information you need in one place. Convenient & time saving! 💝

As dancers and instructors, we have a better understanding of the challenges that people might face. We are trying to keep things very simple but useful.

For more info https://corazon.dance

By Gabriel Zambrano